About Us

Meet Brahmaputra Fables

We're passionate about simplifying the Traditional Raw Products business and building an online shop that consumers love. 


We are a small team of people devoted to bringing you Authentic Traditional products making your Traditional Handicrafts Shopping life easier. Whether it is – Handicrafts, Hand loom Textiles, Assamese Folk Instruments, Gamocha, Ethnic Food, Tea or Jewelries and their accessibility - our mission is to simplify your Traditional Needs.

Brahmaputra Fables was developed on top of valuable input from customers, like you are or might one day be. The world of online Shopping of our Traditional Products is many times complicated and not very friendly - we strive to solve that.

In the future, we envision to tackle and bring the entire Traditions of Assam on the web to the simplicity we brought to the present Products. What does that mean? You’ll just have to wait and see ;)

Rendering Culture & Showcasing Traditions.

Who are we?

Our team is located in Assam, and operates from Guwahati, Assam. Most of us are Post Graduates in Various fields of study and some of us are experts in networking.

How to Contact Us?

Want to get in touch? Feel free to call +91-8638059258 or drop a mail at brahmaputrafables@gmail.com. We do our best to answer inquiries by the public in 72h and any requests by our registered users within 24h.